Moves Management | Donor-Centered Fundraising

Bearing Tree recommends the Moves Management fundraising strategy for nonprofits desiring to build and strengthen relationships with donors.  Through a series of systematic and strategic “moves,” our team will assist and guide your organization in developing strategies to cultivate donor engagement and support over time. Key features of our Moves Management training sessions include:

Identification: Identify potential donors who have the capacity and interest to contribute significantly to your organization. This involves researching and understanding individuals or foundations with capacity and alignment to your organization’s mission.

Qualification: Develop a strategic plan to research and prioritize potential donors. This may include researching donors’ capacity, interests, and affinity to your organization.  This step can include research through wealth screenings and identifying other organizations your donors are affiliated with.

Cultivation: Develop a personalized plan to engage with potential donors. This may include providing information about the organization, invitations to events or activities, and fostering a sense of connection and understanding about the impact of their potential contributions. 

Solicitation: When the donor is sufficiently engaged and the timing is right, you will be equipped to solicit a formal request for financial support. This step involves presenting a compelling case for your organization’s mission and demonstrating how the donor’s support will make a meaningful impact.

Stewardship: After receiving a donation, we recommend implementing high-touch stewardship practices to express gratitude and elevate the impact of the donors’ contributions. This includes personalized communications, sharing impact reports, and implementing high-quality touchpoints which recognize donors for their generosity.

Monthly Top 10 Strategy Meetings

Evaluation and Feedback: We support your organization each month by continuously assessing the effectiveness of your strategy by evaluating donor responses, tracking engagement levels, and gathering feedback. This information helps your organization  refine future interactions and tailor the approach to individual donor preferences.

Moves Management is a systematic and donor-centric approach that recognizes fundraising as a dynamic relationship-building process. It acknowledges that securing ongoing support is not a one-time event but rather a series of strategic moves aimed at creating a long-term and mutually beneficial connection between your donors and your organization.

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