Let us focus on the administrative functions so you
can focus on what matters most.

What to expect

Reduce Costs

We have the scale, technology and expertise to deliver high quality, back-office functions at a lower cost than can be performed in-house.

Boost Revenue

We allow you to be more effective with the time you spend on fundraising.

Focus on Goals

We are fully dedicated to helping you succeed in pursuing your organization’s purpose.

Save Time

We help you become more efficient with the day-to-day management of your organization.

Our Process How We Guide New Partners

Our Process infographic


  • Understand objectives and scope of Partner’s needs
  • Evaluate Partner’s existing processes and tools
  • Conduct operational, financial, and development audit of practices and compliance standards
  • Identify what Bearing Tree services would provide the most value to Partner
  • Prepare proposal and workplan for subsequent phases


  • Identify and agree upon objectives for implementation success
  • Discuss Partner’s cultural approach and rationale to current policies and procedures
  • Receive and review Partner documentation (process maps, policies, handbooks, contracts, etc.)
  • Align Bearing Tree offerings with Partner requirements and identify needed customization, enhancements, etc.
  • Modify offering implementation plans, timing, and resources based upon agreed to changes
  • Discuss and finalize timeline and priorities for Partner implementation


  • Refine offerings based upon agreed to modifications
  • Introduce Bearing Tree team and services to Partner organization
  • Shift payroll and benefits to Bearing Tree platforms
  • Provide customized employee handbook, payroll and benefits information, etc.
  • Conduct staff training on processes and tools
  • Embed a real-time feedback, monitoring and response protocols


  • Regularly review satisfaction of Bearing Tree support offerings
  • Provide periodic strategic review and advice, as needed and requested
  • Monitor and support board development, performance and compliance
  • Provide periodic Bearing Tree performance metrics (efficiency, effectiveness, goal achievement, etc.)
  • Review and refine ongoing Partner relationship and set near- and long-term objectives